Five topics to your kids about physics using daily life simple phenomena


This is what makes objects move. You can introduce force by talking about how you push and pull objects to make them move. You can also talk about the different types of forces, such as gravity, friction, and air resistance.

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This is the act of moving from one place to another. You can introduce motion by talking about how objects move in different ways, such as rolling, sliding, and flying. You can also talk about the factors that affect motion, such as force, mass, and acceleration.


This is the ability to do work. You can introduce energy by talking about how different objects have different amounts of energy. You can also talk about the different forms of energy, such as heat, light, and sound.

Simple machines

These are devices that make work easier. You can introduce simple machines by talking about how they work and how they are used in everyday life. Some examples of simple machines include levers, pulleys, and inclined planes.

States of matter

These are the different forms that matter can take. You can introduce the states of matter by talking about how objects can change from one state to another. Some examples of states of matter include solids, liquids, and gases.

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