Fourth of July Elementary School Science Project: Make a Rocket That Doesn't Require Fire

This Fourth of July Project is a fun activity that any age child can do and enjoy. All is takes is a bit of time and some items that can be found around the house or school and any child can make their own rocket! The Fourth of July can be scary with children running around while explosives are being set off. Accidents can and do happen all the time. Why take the chance? Try this project in the school or home for some unique Fourth of July fun.


Preparing Students for the Science Project

Use this science project as a learning experience for young students. Before beginning the project, the teacher or parent should explain the difference between an acid and a base. Talk about what happens when an acid and a base are mixed together. Once children seem to grasp the concepts of acids and bases, read below to complete this Fourth of July science project.

Fourth of July Rocket Materials

The items that are needed for this project are really cheap, simple and can be found in almost any home. Teachers can find any of the items listed below in any grocery store if they don't already have them.

  • film canisters or a similar small object with a lid that snaps on.

  • baking soda

  • vinegar

  • food coloring (optional)

Making the Rocket

This Fourth of July project is so simple even a child can do it! Oh wait, that's the goal. Follow the instructions below to have some safe and simple fun this Fourth of July.

  1. Go outside in a clear, open area.

  2. Open the film canister.

  3. Pack the lid of the film canister (or a similar small object) with baking soda. Make sure is it actually packed in there by pressing it down a spoon or the child press it down with their fingers.

  4. Place about a tablespoon of vinegar in the canister. To make it more interesting and colorful, color the vinegar with food coloring before putting it in the canister.

  5. Quickly seal the lid onto the film canister and flip the canister so that the lid is facing the ground.

  6. Watch the fun begin!


Learning From the Rocket

Students were able to witness what happens when an acid and a base are mixed together. Discuss this with them after the students get over the initial surprise of seeing the"rocket" in action.

This Fourth of July science project is a great way to get kids interested in science. Projects like these are the ones that not only help children to develop an interest in science, but also shows them how much fun learning really can be.