Review of a bearded dragon incubator: Zoo Med Reptibator

bearded dragon hatchling

For breeders or owners of bearded dragons, you will probably need some kind of egg incubator. And for that, you may want to look into getting the Zoo Med Reptibator. This is a bearded dragon incubator that costs a relatively low amount of money. And despite being sort of cheap it still offers a rock solid incubator for the price that you pay for it. If you are looking for an incubator for your bearded dragon eggs, or any pet reptile eggs really, this may be the best one for you. This review will go through some of the stand-out features of this particular reptile egg incubator.

Temperature displays and controls

This bearded dragon incubator is very useful because it has got an LCD display wherein you are shown the temperature of both the inside of the incubator and the eggs too. This would mean that you have got a fine control over the temperature levels.

 Zoo Med Reptibator


Has got a steady humidity control

You can easily control and provide a steady humidity level for your eggs if you use this bearded dragon incubator. Humidity is a very important element if you want to hatch reptile eggs. So this particular incubator is probably going to work very well if you would want to raise bearded dragons that are healthy. The shells of their eggs would not become too dry and brittle or even soggy and wet if you use the proper humidity level of the Zoo Med Reptibator.

Really cheap

This bearded dragon incubator is easily one of the cheapest ones that you can buy. It is a relatively simple set up that is made with an egg foam base and some styrofoam. And because it is so simply built, its price is also low as well. If you just need a backup incubator for your bearded dragon or reptile eggs, then this would make a great purchase. And even if you just want a cheap way to incubate the eggs, then this one is a great purchase as well.

Easy to use

Using this bearded dragon incubator is rather easy as well. You just need to put water at the bottom of the incubator, place the foam lid down on it, and then use the right substrate. Then you just need to put the eggs in the box, the box into the incubator. After that just set the temperature levels and then close the box lid! It is that easy to use this particular incubator.


The Zoo Med Reptibator makes it easy to incubate and hatch the eggs of the bearded dragons that you are raising. If you would like to get a bearded dragon incubator that actually lets you safely hatch the eggs of the pet reptiles that you are breeding, then it is important that you get this particular reptile egg incubator. You will be able to hatch dozens or even more eggs of the bearded dragons that you are breeding. And you will be able to do it safely, conveniently, and quickly thanks to this easy to use and complete reptile egg incubator.