Review of MagNaturals Rock Ledge: A bearded dragon basking platform

bearded dragon basking platfom

If you are the owner of a pet reptile, such as a bearded dragon you will need to set up some kind of heat source for your cold blooded pet. And they also need a basking area where they can absorb all of that heat. To create a proper basking area for your bearded dragon or any pet reptile, you would need to get a platform for them. And if you are looking for the best bearded dragon basking platform, then look no further than the MagNaturals Rock Ledge in Granite. This is easily one of the top basking platforms or ledges that you can use in your habitat for your pet reptile.

Dense foam material

This bearded dragon basking platform is made out of a foam which is very dense. This makes it both sturdy and soft. Your bearded dragon can grip onto this foam rock ledge quite easily, without hurting their claws. If you want a bearded dragon basking platform that actually does not harm your pet in any way, then you should get this one. It may look like a real rock ledge, but it is not as hard. So your bearded dragon can grip onto it with a lot of ease.

Easy to clean

You will also find that cleaning this bearded dragon basking platform is rather easy. When it gets too dirty, you can just run it under a tap of warm water. It is that convenient to clean. And you would only need to do this for several minutes, and all of the lizard droppings and even the smell on this basking platform will go away. You would never have to use soap to clean it as well; the foam material that this basking platform is made out of is rather very easy to clean. And you would not have to spend a lot of time to get it clean.

Large size

Another great thing about this bearded dragon basking platform is that it is the perfect size for adult reptiles. It easily measures around 13 x 8 inches, so most bearded dragons from juveniles to adults should be able to fit perfectly on top of it. And despite being such a large size, it also fits in most kinds of habitat enclosures as well. So you should have no problem fitting it inside the bearded dragon enclosure that you already have. If you want a basking platform that your bearded dragon can use throughout their life, as they grow bigger, then you may want to purchase this large one for them.



The MagNaturals Rock Ledge in Granite should be your first choice when it comes to getting a bearded dragon basking platform. No other basking ledge or platform would give you the same number of features that this one has. And best of all, this basking platform is readily affordable. It is easily one of the most cost-effective bearded dragon basking ledges that you can get. You may want to get this particular product if you only want top quality materials to be used in your pet dragon's habitat.