Seven ways to improve eyesight

Modern life tend to be more harmful for the eyes, the tech-devices this is one of the main reasons to cause our eyes getting tired and fading. When your eyes vision decrease, instead of using glass or drugs, you can do the following ways to get healthy eyes:

1. Eyes relaxation

Your eyes's working time is longer than your working time, so the eyes are tired inevitably, therefore, always remember to take care of your eyes on the right ways.

Rub your palms together and then placed gently on your eyes so that the light can not go through. You can do it whenever possible during the day, especially when sitting in front of computer or after reading a lot of books and documents. This will help your eyes to rest and relax after long tired working time.

2. Keep your eyes moist

Maintaining the natural balance of moisture in your eyes is one of the most important methods you can do to keep them healthy. Dry eyes may cause itching, redness, or even pain. Try to blink frequently, even if you're focused on watching TV or working on your computer. The blink helps increase moisture and reducing stress.

More than 2/3 of the body is made of water, so drink more water not only enhances moisture to the eyes, but also has many other beneficial effects for your body. Eyes drops are also a way to avoid dried eyes, ask your doctor for the instructions.

 3. Eyes exercise

If you do not take exercise regularly, you body will be very tired, so do your eyes. Do the 20/20/20 exercise, each day, you spend 20 minutes to focus on one object at a distance of 20 steps away from you for 20 seconds. You can do this anytime during the days if you are free.

Another exercise, put your finger 10 cm away from your eyes for 5 seconds, then looking at what is behind that finger. Keep doing this for 10 times and do it whenever you in a spare time.

4. Keep moving

Your bodies need to move around, not just sitting in one seat for the whole day. Your eyes need to move too, try to look around at varied objects, not just look at the same place for too long. Try to move your eyeballs around 5 times in one period of time to increase the flexibility of your eyes and maintaining good vision.