Tattoos Transform into Moving Images

ink mapping tattoo

Have you ever imagined what an animated tattoo would look like? What if the black ink carved into your skin could suddenly materialize into a moving image? Well, say hello to Ink Mapping.

Portuguese projection artists Oskar & Gaspar have upped the ante in a big way, transforming tattooed bodies into incredible animations using nothing more than light and color. They brought the tattoos of artists Eduardo Cavellucci and Igor Gama to life in the first ever live tattoo mapping event held in Lisbon, 2015. Using video mapping technique, they map a tattoo on a person and bring it to life with a customized animation.

For now, these are still theoretical applications, and unlikely to be available in the average tattoo parlor anytime soon. Still, as Oskar & Gaspar have demonstrated, animated tattoos are more than just a question of technical achievement—they’re works of art.

Ink mapping tattoo