Virtual Reality - Change the way we learn biology

samsung gear vr

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The video of the BBC is the clearest proof that virtual reality (VR) technology can help to change the way we build biology lectures in the future.

Now we can walk with the world’s biggest dinosaurs in virtual reality! Incredible 360-degree video transports you back 100 million years to stand alongside the titanosaur with David Attenborough (using Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset).

Commenting on the film, producer Paul Deane says, "It’s our highest production value 360° film and we hope takes the viewer on a unique journey, with Sir David as host and driver. The sense of scale, particularly when viewed on a headset, can only be achieved in VR (virtual reality)."

Sam Hume, the producer/director adds "In the film you’re transported to a moonlit night some 100 million years ago, when the biggest of all dinosaurs roamed. It was great for us to visualise this astounding animal as it would have been, walking through its natural landscape."

(Source: BBC)