Would your body explode in space?

body explode in space (Pic: Gravity)

Nope! Here's what would happen...

You're not going to explode, and your blood's not going to boil. Just because there's zero pressure outside doesn't mean that your body suddenly loses all cohesion. Your skin will covers you from head to toe, hold your insides inside, and keep your blood pressure high enough to stop your blood from boiling.

But just because you won't explode doesn't mean you won't inflate. The nitrogen dissolved in your bloodstream near the surface of your skin will collect itself into little bubbles. These bubbles expand, puffing you out to around twice your size, starting at your hands and feet and moving in. It's a real thing: it's called ebullism. Sure, you'll look like the worst balloon animal ever, and you'll feel pretty miserable, but you won't be dead…at least not right away.

The inflated bubbles will cause significant tissue damage, but don't matter, many other things in space will kill you first.

(Source: space.com)